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If there is one particular area of health that we tend to overlook, it would be oral health. Many of us tend to take our teeth for granted, thinking that regular brushing and flossing will do the trick nicely. However, there is more than just keeping our pearly whites free from food stuck in between them after meals. It is important to pay a visit to a reliable and trustworthy dentist at least once a year. David R. Sullivan, DDS, is a well known dentist in Greensboro who has served the community for a long time. His signature hospitality accompanied by the latest developments in dental technology ensures the best possible oral health for all of its patients.

What kind of services do we offer? We want nothing but the very best for our patients, and over the years of experience accrued with an attitude of constant learning ingrained, we pledge to provide the best possible dental care to our patients. Offering the most modern services and tools available that are guided by a gentle hand, we are unabashed to say that David R. Sullivan, DDS is the poster boy of what a Greensboro dentist should be. Among the various services that we offer include dental examinations, oral prophylaxis (dental cleaning), tooth-colored fillings, root canal procedures, oral cancer screening, dental implants, crowns, bridges, partial dentures, periodontal therapy, teeth whitening, enamel bonding, mouth guards, night guards, pediatric dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and nitrous oxide with cleaning. Whether you are on the lookout for the most advanced cosmetic dentistry techniques to provide you with that million dollar smile, or simply would like to get rid of that unbearable pain in your teeth, David R. Sullivan, DDS is the go-to Greensboro dentist to restore your oral health. We will do our utmost best to provide a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that will dispel any notion or feeling of dentophobia.   Call our office today We do hope that you would call our office to schedule an appointment to learn how David R. Sullivan, DDS is able to help you out with any teeth problems or conditions. As one of the most trusted and reliable Greensboro dentists around, our classic hospitality will surely put you at ease and resign any odontophobia to bed. Our office is strategically located between Holden, Benjamin Parkway and Battleground Avenue, featuring an adequate amount of available parking and easy accessibility. We look forward to serving you at our clinic soon.